Can you help me? I can’t stop this addiction to Stadol Nasal Spray. It’s a very strong opiate. The bottle info reads that there are 15-16 sprays, but there are always 24 in each bottle. I am using one bottle in about 6 hours. They cost $50/bottle and are extremely hard to get the physician to write for (I have migraine headaches) so I don’t always have it.
I’ve gotten myself addicted to this medication because of migraine headaches. I’ve gone to different doctors, clinics, urgent cares, emergency rooms, pharmacies, even driven 3 hours to another state to find more emergency rooms. I am from California and have learned that they are a lot more liberal with prescribing narcotics. Now I live in Oklahoma. A few months ago, an ER physician almost arrested me for lying to him about getting Stadol from another doctor. He told me that he was alerting all of the area hospitals, if I stepped foot in any ER, I would be arrested. He told me it was a felony to lie to a medical professional about getting narcotics.
Last week I saw (one) of my family physicians. (Yes, I do doctor shop). He said he got a report from the Oklahoma Narcotic Board telling him that I was going to multiple doctors and multiple pharmacies. He was telling me that I had to pick one doctor and one pharmacy or they were going to put me in prison, it was a felony, with big fines, I was in a lot of trouble. He said that he would not be sending me to prison but they (this OK narc board ) would be arresting me if I didn’t straighten this out right away.
OK—of course I am terrified and was motivated to change, I made a commitment with the dr that I would only see him, then I went and got drugs! (I’m so disappointed).
So—some questions: 1. How is Doctor shopping illegal in OK? I can’t figure that out. I found where forging scripts is. Who can arrest me and how, do they come to my door or wait till I go to the pharmacy, when will they do it? 2. To be in AA/NA you are supposed to have a desire to change—I honestly don’t want to change, I want to keep getting high and not feel my problems, how can I get better? 3. How am I going to quit stadol?