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Armour Thyroid - Will levothroid be manufactured again and when?

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HeadStarter 3 Jul 2013

That is a good question... I would be asking your endocrinologist for best substitutes. I don't see it being manufactured any time soon.

I have been on Armour Thyroid for many, many years but switched from the regular formulation to "compounded". I have not only tolerated this formulation the best... I also have lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 5 years now. This has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I also want to add that I have suffered from recurrent major depression for so many years that I thought the way I felt was normal. After switching the formulation and then my lifestyle habits... all has fallen into place for me and I am approaching 60 years young and 92 lbs. lighter.

Has your doctor even recommended Armour? I promote a book called, "THYROID POWER, 10 STEPS TO BETTER HEALTH" by a Dr. Richard Shames, M.D. and his wife Karalee, RN, PhD. These two people have spent their lives and careers helping people get their lives back. This book is an easy read and quite informative. I had one of the best consultations with my own doctor after reading this book because I understood what was happening to me and I then knew what questions to ask. There are questions and answers specifically for doctors at the end of this book. My doctor kept my book for a while and then told me it was a very informative read.

I wish you well on your journey...


mapyron 4 Jul 2013

What type of thyroid disorder do you have? Also, if it applies, at what age did it begin to appear?? Also, do you have thyroid problems that seem to "run in your family"?

HeadStarter 4 Jul 2013

I have hypothyroidism. Because I have been dealing with depression for so long, I believe I was born with hypothyroidism. My medical history would seem to indicate I was born with that problem because of the weight issues I dealt with from early childhood. At the age of nearly 60, I am about as normal feeling and stable weight as I have been.

I think it runs in families because of our gene pool. My father doesn't agree with me on that one. But he doesn't have weight issues, mood fluctuations any major health issues. He has a closed mind when it is suggested that the issues I have came from my mother. He thinks that means something was wrong with them as parents. They weren't bad parents... they had problems that were ignored.

JanKShaffer 5 Jul 2013

I am taking armor thyroid 120MG. Is that the regular or compounded? I tried Levoxyl and my cholesterol shot up to 600. I was then put on armor and a strict diet and after thirteen weeks my cholesterol is still high, but not as high. I am hoping I am not on the compounded and can make the change. I go see the doctor to discuss my results and what the next step will be. I did great on the Levothroid, but on both Levoxyl and Armour I have intense heat flashes and I am tired and minor depression. I can not do synthroid, because I develop nodules and have problems with regulation. So we are trying to find the right drug that will work for me.

endlessPred 5 Jul 2013

Hi Mary. What the doc told me, is that there are definite conditions that people on Armour will help. He said the majority of patients receive no benefit and he doesn't like the risk. After all, all they do is take the thyroids from pigs and cows, dehydrate it, crunch it up and stick it into capsules. And that is why the batching can be variable. He also said that in the few that are resistant to synthetics, no response, he will try it and it will work. Karen

HeadStarter 6 Jul 2013

Hello Jan, I wanted to mention that it sounds like you are getting the regular stuff and not "compounded". You would have to go to a compound pharmacy to actually get it made for you. You are on a good dose, too. How do you feel? The doctor usually doesn't switch a person from synthetic to natural at same dosing... it is done in increments so the person has time to physically adjust to it.

I hope you are doing well with it.

endlessPred 3 Jul 2013

Hello. According to my endocrinologist there was a error in making the med and they are now back logging for a year before more production is available. In the meantime I take what they got. So far so good. Doctors have very specific criteria for Armour. You will have an interesting discussion. The main objection is that the pig and beef extract is just as artificial as the synthroid. Neither are made in man. Batching differences is the problem with Armour, so if sensitive it will cause problems. Otherwise for some with reactive responses to the synthroid, the Armour does best. Karen

JanKShaffer 5 Jul 2013

Thank you for the info on the status of manufacturing levothroid. It is a drag to go through the experimentation phase of thyroid medication again. I have been on levothroid for a little over twenty seven years.

endlessPred 5 Jul 2013

Still on my first 90 prescription change. So far have not noticed any difference. Since the reactions are so slow, it is simply wait and see. free discount card

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