I have recently gotten my new labs in and according to my labs my Thyroid is in excellent or optimal performance. However I have hit a plateau with weight and actually started to put pounds back on. I am doing cardio workouts and lifting weights, watching my diet, but I'm also human and occasionally like to partake in a beer or two and eat a nice ribeye. So here's my info and labs:

39 year old male
Weight before Thyroid broke: 235
Weight before: 295 (around 9 months ago)
Lowest weight achieved: 260
Current weight: 270 (as of today)
Most current labs:
TSH: 0.010
T4 FREE: 2.24
TPO: <6
T3: 6.0

Current medications:
Levithyroxine: 175mcg
Liothyronine: 10mg

I know that I am missing something and I'm thinking I should probably get switched to Armour on a comparative dose. Although my blood work says I'm optimal and a lot of the fatigue and swelling has ceased, there has to be a reason I'm not losing weight unless I starve myself. Help!