Long story short I have been on Armour thyroid for about 8 months. I had a reaction to synthroid so... asked to be switched after my foot swelled, had a rash on hands/feet and also had ulcers in my mouth. I started with 15 mg which was too little and my TSH went up above 7 and felt awful, then switched to 30mg felt a bit better but TSH was only at 3.5 so endo then put me on 45 mg. Since doses are limited and 45 mg was too much I am now doing 4 days of 45 mg and 3 days per week of 30 mg. All and all I am zoned out at work, emotional (which I usually am not), have bits of anxiousness as the day goes on, extreme fatigue so I'm not sure what else to try!!! I read about splitting the dose - taking part of it in the morning and then another one a few hrs. after lunch. Does anyone have any other recommendations? I also have GAD antibodies which could eventually lead to Type 1 Diabetes but test daily and am stable so therefore do not take medicine at this time. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated! I just want to feel good again!