Hi there,
I was diagnosed as sub-clinical hypothyroid about 4 years ago with no real side effects so didn't start on drugs. Then last year found I had goiters in my neck so finally found a doc who would give me armour thyroid. I think I may have stayed on the initial dose of 30 mg too long as now i AM more sleepy which I wasn't before. My hair loss stopped almost immediately though. My latest numbers are
T4 0.75 free T3 3.8 TSH 6.37 microsomalaTPO 9514 So have now been diagnosed wiht HASHIMOTO- an autoimmune defiency. So she increased my armour to 60mg a day but says she wants to check it after 30 days and if it does't work may want me to go to synthroid... which I am totally against... unless there is no alternative. Should I push to increase armour higher before switching or is AROUR not as good for Hashimots? Thanks in advance. D