I just started taking sertraline (Zoloft) Which I was prescribed due to mild anxiety/OCD and rare panic attacks. I take half of the .25 mg pill. I started the first two days taking a full pill in the morning but now I take half a pill at night according to my dr. Due to my side effects which are:

Dry pasty mouth (which is tolerable)
Sometimes I get a little shakey (tolerable)
Slight headaches during the day (tolerable)

But then there is this side effect:
Waking up all through the night with my arms, head and face burning/tingling/numb.

And every time I wake up and feel that way I think. I need to stop taking this medicine! It's almost to the point I want to rush myself to the ER. It just doesn't feel safe.

Can this side effect cause permanent damage?
Am I supposed to ride it out?
How long will it last?
Is it worth it?