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Are you able to care for your children when you are taking the medication (oxycodone)?

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fireguy 15 Jan 2010

I can and I can actualy play with them One is 9 and the other 6 yob.'s I can actualy play footbal soccer drive , make sure you know how it affects you before driving don't drive with in first 30 min. of taking your med.s

Psychmajor 15 Jan 2010

if your addicted to it i dont believe so but if your taking it properly (in most people) you should be able to stay in your mind and not just be compleely useless.

angieferg 16 Jan 2010

Thankyou for your input... daughter in law snorts it, so I dont think she is able to care for my grandchildren in my opinion, but she denies it, 6 year old confirms it... and there is nothing I can do about it

Psychmajor 16 Jan 2010

snorting it its something like 10+ time more addictive than taking it orally. i can garentee she is addicted actually. Do you know how many she takes a day and/or at a time. cuz even if you snort just 1 pill every 6 hours its doing the same thing as if you took it orally (same MGs in your system) but if your doing like 3 or 4 its pretty bad free discount card

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