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Are valiums and xanex in the same family?

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leron 1 Nov 2011

Yes they are. I got in all kinds of trouble with my mail order pharmacy when my neurologist who had my whole list of meds as i never lie to my dr.s because of this messed me up good i was already on xanex, klonopin,and serex when the idiot decided to fax a script of valium to my mail order place and boy they went on the nut. Got me in so much trouble i dropped him after being with him seven years and won't look back. So just be careful and always make sure they know exactly what you are on even if you have to make them pull the list everytime. Hope it helped some Leron

Thor283 1 Nov 2011


Jillynnie 1 Nov 2011

Gotta be the shortest answer you've ever given.
Too funny. (in a good way!)


Inactive 4 Nov 2011

Hello deestew. Just add this, xanax is a short acting benzodiazepine, after being taken, say within 8 hours or so, it will have left your body, whereas valium, when taken, will remain in your body much longer. So, in the case of xanax, you'll feel the need to replace it sooner, than you would the valium, which would still be working within your body. The benzodiazapine family of drugs can quickly become addictive to say the to you, free discount card

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