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Are they the companies going replace the oxycontin with another type of drug?

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IhearttheOcean 28 Aug 2010

It has already been replaced with a new version of the same drug. Its just the consistency that changed to make it less abusable. The active ingredient is still the same though. As for changing the active ingredient, no.

terilyn54 28 Aug 2010

I have to disagree with you somewhat. I take both the 60 & 80 mg Oxycontin & before I even knew that the change had taken place, I had taken one 80 mg pill from my new prescription and a hour later began wondering why it wasn't working like it always had. Two hours later I had to take another one because I had started to feel some withdrawal symptoms. The next day when the medication still wasn't doing what it should, I called my doctor. That's when I was informed of the changes that Purdue had undergone because of the idiots out there that only want them so they can get high or whatever. It may be the same drug, but whatever they did to it has locked the drug up tight & it won't disolve correctly even for us, the people who shallow it whole like it was intended to be taken. Since it won't disolve, then the extended release portion won't happen either.

IhearttheOcean 28 Aug 2010

Well they wouldnt be able to lie about the active ingredient being Oxycodone and be able to get away with it. The FDA would shut them down immediately. So the active ingredient is still the same but they definitely did change the other ingredients which controls how its absorbed. And I agree that it doesnt seem to dissolve fast enough to get all of the medicine in your system. I found that I have to take a little less than a whole pill at a time and chew some of it up so that it dissolves easier and more completely. But of course this results in it not working for the 12 hours like its supposed to so I have to take less than a whole pill and then take more later on (before my next dose would normally be). free discount card

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