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Are they taking the real oxycotin off market and only selling generic ones?

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christineATU 5 Sep 2010

The OP version of oxycontin are not generic. They are produced by Purdue Pharmaceuticals..the same company that make OC. It has the same active ingredients but made it more difficult to crush and abuse in order to prevent accidental over doses. So yes, they are being replaced with the OP version when a pharmacy reorders oxycontin, thereby phasing out the easily abused OC drug.

terilyn54 11 Sep 2010

I've heard from 2 other people that whatever Purdue did to make it so addicts could no longer abuse this drug, (which is 100% understandable & necessary) that the pill has gone completely thru their system without dissolving, thus, they don't even come close comparing to how well they worked previously. I know there are those of us who are truly in horrible pain & need something strong that is long lasting out there that in one way or another are experiencing or feel the same as me. There's got to be something or someone we can do or talk to for help. What steps did Purdue have to go thru to get approval for this altered version? Were there any clinical trials peformed first? I haven't seen or heard of anything nor was there any forewarning to give us a chance of making necessarym changes to our pain management regdiment. Frankly, this increased pain I'm experiencing until I find a replacement plan, is so unnecessary and unwelcomed. Personally, I'm furious with Purdue & how they've handle this change & to think of how much money ($1,000+), for 120 - 80mg's is unethical and nothing short of straight up consumer theft!! PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP...

confusedtotally 12 Oct 2010

when i read your comment it soundly just like me im 51 totally disabled coal miner, gas company field worker.i have no idea ,like you what happened ,this new formulary is not even understandable seems they hooked us and now ive suffered terribly , its not the same ,it doesent last 6 hours being a widow ,its been dangerous for me after taking 4 tablets of 80mg oxycontin per day for 12 yrs, i feel they have totally punished for something they have a problem did they not think about what it would do to us people that really need this med ,theyre only thinking of the stupid people that dont even need this or need anything at all ,i feel they are treating all of us as drug abusers, this has really affected my life , are they accepting the fact that they have addicted all these people making millions and just throwing us around like we are just ok with no explanations, free discount card

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