When I take it, I feel happy, like... I want to do stuff. I take good care of myself, eat right, make sure im wearing clean clothes, shower daily, brush my teeth etc etc. before I took it, I didn't care. about anything. I was quiet, and hated everyone. but now that i take it, I feel happy, stimulated, outgoing, friendly, and focused. =3 I feel so great when I take it... but when I run out, and have to go without it.

I eat constantly. pig out on anything I can find, then sleep. wake up, eat, sleep again. I stay home from school to do that as well. and I sleep A LOT in class when i do not take it, and i just feel like total shit. >w< and I feel like... if I dont get it, i will go crazy. and if my mom wont give it to me, when i havent taken it in a while, I go CRAZY. I think im addicted, but i need it to feel like life is worth living... otherwise im no fun to be around, am depressed and just... its bad.