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Are there any medicines than are prescribed to help me wean off of percocet?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2010

Try googling the Thomas recipe opiate withdrawal to check out that system for going cold turkey. I know you said to wean, but, the otc meds and supplements may help you with any withdrawal symptoms you may have as you wean. Weaning is very hard, and I wish you great success, but most people can't really do it. Please check out suboxone/subutex as another route to get off percocet. You will have to be in withdrawal with NO PERCS in your system for 24 hours before you start the suboxone program, but, it will keep you out of withdrawal after you start the program and you will be able to function and live a normal life while on it. You can go to the suboxone website to find the doctors in your area who are licensed to write a presciption for it and I urge you to call all of them as there is a fee to get on it and it varies from doctor to doctor.

christineATU 25 Apr 2010

Patti is giving you great advice. The only thing I could add is, rather than calling around to find a sub doctor, you can call the suboxone helpline directly. They can give you a list of doctors in your area who are trained and licensed for this particular medication/treatment. Here are a few web sites too.

HOTLINE (has the info on drs.)
Mon. through Fri. 9am to 7:30pm EST

Good luck to you.

christineATU 25 Apr 2010

Sorry patti, missed your comment about the web site.

Inactive 26 Apr 2010

That is ok, my friend tried calling the suboxone help line for a week and they blew her off everyday and never called her back.

christineATU 26 Apr 2010

No s***t? Well then, to the questioner... lose the number and follow pattis advice. Thanks for letting me know that.

Inactive 26 Apr 2010

Yeah, this was true and I was thoroughly disappointed in them. You may or may not know about the fee associated with starting suboxone. All of us on suboxone are charged a fee that varies from doctor to doctor as an induction fee. We have been told that the company that makes suboxone does this and that reeks of an ethics violation to me, so, she called and wanted to know if it was their requirement and why the fee varied from $266 to $1500 from doctor to doctor. If it is their requirement, then the fee should be the same. But they blew her off and never called her. She went with the doctor who charged $266 straight for the visit and the induction fee. It costs me $150 per visit and the doctor will not treat me for anything else unless I am visibly sick when I go because it would be "awkward," his words.

christineATU 26 Apr 2010

That sure does reek as unethical. I'm just hoping with my docs help, I can ween off my meds when the time comes. Until then, addicted I am! My next appt. is in 3 days. I'll know more then when the hardware can be removed, repaired, whatever needs to be done. But I also know the dosage I am on is not working anymore. I'm always honest with him and will tell him I've had to take them more often. I'm sure he will help me with that. I wish I could simply FORCE my bones to heal faster! free discount card

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