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Are the pharmacies still going to make the suboxone tablets?

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misled 18 Sep 2010

why are you asking that question?? Something going on with Suboxone??

Anonymous 18 Sep 2010

i think there may have been some disruption in delivery of suboxone to certain areas from the manufacturer, Reckitt-Benckhiser. poster may be asking if they will still make the pill form now that they got approval for a film type version, i think pill will most probably finally get approval to be made into a generic when film becomes available. Suboxone has a webpage with a 1 800, anyone can call them, go to their webpage, should be

booter46 18 Sep 2010

I they hope make a generic. This wil help alot of people. Patti you are a suboxone expert, I wish doctors knew half of what you do.

Anonymous 18 Sep 2010

I learned most of this stuff on here. Someone posted last year about getting their first round of generic subutex and I asked if suboxone was going generic and they said, Congress is working to approve that. The ways I figure it, they will make the tablets generic when they approve they start shipping the Film as it will be outmoded. The Film will probably be more expensive to make up for all those people who stay on the tablet.

blountco.bob 18 Oct 2010

i dont no but the pills seemed to work fine.i dont no where they took there survey but the film does not taste better has given me numerous side effects when i first switched i work outside and it was like in the 90.s from the first one it made me ill as a hornet i could hardly work from sweating so bad i would b soaking weat them first few days i started cramping so bad and my muscles were so soar i could hardly lay in the bed i had to take potassium pills just 2 go 2 sleep with a xanax 2 boot it was awfull.then it would make my lower left side hurt at the time my side would hurt just out of the blue it was like i smoked some hydo or did a pill or something i would b high as a kite which the pills never make u feel that way.there survey;s must been took at the dailey clinics 4 users to say they liked the strips better!!! free discount card

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