My doctor seems to have tried almost everything for my unexplained burning muscle/back pain from Evalvil to Valium to Lyrica to Ultram and he doesnt want to get me onto the cycle of Narcotic pain pills which im sure many will think is a good thing as alot of drs just want to give people pills and get them out but im really tired of suffering and at this point i would rather just take some narcotic pain relivers for some relief instead of trying all these different pills and none seem to have any effect. The latest drug i have been tried on today is a SAID which is called prednisone at 50mg each morning for a week and so far it hasent helped at all. I have tried NSAIDs before and im wondering if its a waste of time? Im really at a loss as to what to do next i feel hopeless and as if nobody cares that im in pain.