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Are oxycotin and vicoden the same class of narcotic?

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Anonymous 2 Jun 2011

Yes, they are both Opiate pain medications. Vicodin has tylenol in it, while OxyContin does not.
Best wishes.

gcastor 2 Jun 2011

Thank you for your help!

LaurieShay 2 Jun 2011

Hey gcastor,

As sweetlemon pointed out both these meds are opoid type pain killers. The vicodin has hydrocodone and acetominophen together while the oxycontin has just the pain killer oxycodone in it. Oxycodone is a stronger opiate than hydrocodone.

Hope this helps,


gcastor 2 Jun 2011

Thank you

Anonymous 2 Jun 2011

Laurie are you on call tonight ? lol Von

LaurieShay 2 Jun 2011

Yep, what cha need girlfriend? At your service, lol.

Anonymous 2 Jun 2011

LOL, prayers! Ive got hot flashes and slept 3 hrs today. Not like me to be so sleepy. The hot flashes are back, oh well. Ill just deal with it. Its hot here, 98 today with heat index of 105!! Well it just seems slow tonite, think I will give it up. You have a good nite and keep up the good work. Vonnie

Anonymous 2 Jun 2011

OK girls, excuse my ignorance but this question got me wondering. Im not real familiar with the class of drugs. Like something is a schedule one or two and so on. Are they in the same class as far as that goes? -Alem
Sorry if I highjacked your question gcastor. -Alem

LaurieShay 2 Jun 2011

Ok, ALem4k, here is the low down, lol. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) regulates five classes of drugs: narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and anabolic steroid. So the oxycontin and the vicodin are in the same class as they are both narcotics. Controlled substances are further categorized into 5 schedules with Schedule I being drugs not considered legitimate for medical use like heroin and LSD. Schedule II being drugs having the most potentail for abuse down to schedule V having the least potential for abuse. So again I believe oxycontin and vicodin are both schedule II drugs. Got it!!!


Anonymous 2 Jun 2011

Yup, got it. Thank you. That helped a lot. I have seen people mention the different drug classifications on here but I never understood them. Thank you for the quick tutorial. I appreciate it! -Alem

balbanese 29 Feb 2012

Depends on what you mean by class. Oxycontin is much more controlled and I believe is a diffeent class for that reason. You cannot "call in" refills like you can with Vicodin.

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