Last month I had a severe urinary tract Infection (bladder, kidney). My Doctor at VA medical center prescribed 2 antibiotics. I told also told them I am allergic to Bactrim. Within a week I developed a very painful yeast infection. Then I was treated with Flucosinol (antifugal) which cleared it up. However, one of the antibiotics given to me was called Dapsone. I was prescribed that because I am HIV & my Dr. said it would prevent PCP. Although, I have never been sick, the Dapsone nearly killed me. My whole body brokeout in a rash and hives, my throat hurt with difficulty swallowing, my lips were swollen, I developed blisters in my mouth, some of which were blood blisters and my nose started bleeding. I went to the ER & was prescribed antihistamines & taken off the Dapsone. The next morning my face, eyes were blood red & burned. My skin had heat to touch. The next day the redness finally went away & during the day I had a headache radiating to my left eye. I then took a nap & woke up 2 hours later. When I looked into the mirror I noticed my vision in the left eye was blurred with black peppered dots, lines, circles. I have never had problems with my eyes in my life. Back to the ER, check for retinal tear, etc. (had to wait 4 hours - ridiculous)! I was told I had what is called floaters & dry eyes. All in all, I firmly believe based on my story here, my eye problem was caused by Dapsone. I also noticed that I have tremmors now in my hands & a ringing in my ears that has not gone away. I still have a mild rash (looks like measles on my upper torso & arms) I did not experience itching - just burning. The VA acts like it is no big deal & denies the medicine caused the eye problem. I firmly believe that it did! This is too coincidental. Before I went to VA I was never sick, not I have been terribly ill for over 2 months. It has been deeply debilitating. I am an artist & I have difficulty even writing my name because of the hand tremors. I feel my life is ruined.