Hi I am bipolar mostly depressed no highs. I have IC (bladder spasms), arthritis, degenerative disc desease and recently told COPD/Emphysema. I have taken Prozac and Clonapin for 15 years, a year ago they added Concerta because I am so tired! I had a hyserectomy so Delestrogen shots monthly n Estrotest HS daily. I take Ketroprofen for the arthritis (just stopped Celebrx) also have taken Loritab or Vicoden for long time for bladder and muscle pain. I feel like I take pills to wake up and to go to sleep I used to have to take pills to pee (-: but now have a Neurostem Implant.
I am tired all the time, unless I take Concerta. I don't sleep well and talk in my sleep allot. I don't want to go anywhere, eat, bathe or get dressed. I am only 52 and feel about 100. I am depressed constantly and ache all over, I have had more surgeries than I can count on bones, bladder and more bones. I take no vitamins and can't get moving to exercize LIFE LOOKS LIKE A BUG HUGE MOUNTAIN I CAN'T EVEN ATTEMP!! I think they are over medicating me and I am now addicted for lack of a better word, I know I can't stop the Klonopin I will have a heart attack. I don't know about the others, Vicoden I have stopped before and had a few rough days.
But I am beginning to feel like I am crazy, or have Fibromyalgia or something. I've had chest pains that radiated to arms and heart but my heart is perfect and trust me they checked it out but found the COPD.
I have been told there is a way to Medically detox??? And wonder if anyone has ever done this before? I would like to get off all of this crap and see who or what I am again (-" then perhaps start over on the meds for the bipolar/depression.
Anyone out there have any ideas or been theres? I don't enjoy anything anymore and I am totally overwhelmed..I AM NOT SUICIDAL SO DON'T THINK THAT PLEASE. I just want to feel better, human, and think like myself again.
Perhaps get some decent vitamins in me and rebuild my health I am too young to feel this old (-"
Thanks D