I have been tapering off Suboxone, 8/2 SL filmstrips. I have it down to a science cutting tiny pieces, qpproximately 1/16 of a strip. Even at that small a dose, when I try to just stop at that level, by the 3rd day, I really feel lousy. I noticed that lately I have been getting horrible cramps in my hands and feet. A spasm starts, and it becomes extremely painful. It almost looks like my fingers and toes have come out of their sockets. I mean it really hurts! I am not dehydrated, and have been eating bananas, potatoes, drinking tomato juice, and orange juice, anything to add potassium to my system, to keep the electrolytes balanced. If anyone has been through this please tell me what it is about, and what you did for it. Thanks everyone. This site is very helpful.