When I was about 16 I started on the Depo shot for about 6-8 months.This was the beginning of a nightmare for me. It started with constant bleeding then mood swings you could not believe. I also had night sweats, slight hair loss, weight gain, and stretch marks poped up all over my body! At 16 I was mortified! After trying to get rid of the stretch marks with no luck I went off the shot and lo and behold they stopped showing up and began to lighten. I also lost a few "not all" of the pounds I had gained. I am 21 now and in a monogamous relationship. I recently have been looking into getting the Mirena. I learned however that it uses the same hormone that the Depo shot uses. This terrifies me because of all the side affect I had. My question is to anyone who had been on the Depo shot and had a bad experience who is now/was on Mirena and how their experience with that is/was? I have read a lot of reviews of Mirena where women have had these side affects. I really do not want to go through the torture I went through with the Depo shot again if I do decide to get Mirena!