I've been on 20mg sub for about a month now, (I gradually worked up to the 20, started at 12, which was a joke, then to 16, which was better but, 20 mg is truly the perfect dose for me) AND I've been experiencing blackouts. I do things I don't remember doing. I don't think they last long, I'm really not sure though. They've only started recently that I can pinpoint, and I'm housesitting, so my husband and roommates aren't able to help me monitor them. Is this normal? I don't like this at all... Also, I've been having gnarly headaches with the suboxone. I talked to my doctor, she said that a very small percentage of people have a reaction to the nal-whatever that's in the sub, but doesn't think I'm one of them. ALSO, vertigo, anyone? Has anyone experienced vertigo on suboxone? That's been randomly happening to me, and pretty tough too. Like, when I was driving I got it and thought I was going to crash my car, when I'm standing, lying down, at all time! (But not all the time). What should I ask my doctor? She said there's no correlation between suboxone and vertigo, but... I've never had it before I started the sub. Is all this normal? Or.. So, Blackouts, Headaches & Vertigo... Any ideas?