I am a 120 lb woman that was prescribed 50 mcg/hr patches. Can you tell me how that compares to what you are taking?

Here is what happened on my first day:
I put the first patch on at about 1 pm the day I got it. I had an extemely diffucult time getting up the next morning. I got out of bed about 11 am, but was very weak, confused, and became nautious. I tried to eat breakfast, but was unable to sit up due to feeling so overwhelmed and sleepy. I went to sleep for 2 more hours and still felt the same. At this time I took off the patch and washed the area it was applied to. I slept until about 3:00 pm and was now able to sit up and have something to drink and a small snack, but still had a feeling of being overwhelmed and was somewhat nautious. I was able to eat a light dinner at about 7 pm, but the feeling of being overwhelmed did not go away for the next few hours.