I have struggled with anxiety for as far back as I can remember. I'm 28 now. I currently take Viibryd(A newly approved SSRI) for treatment of depression and I guess somewhat to treat anxiety since it has been shown that serotonin defficiency can cause anxiety, and also Vyvanse for my ADD. Somehow I think these conditions have to all be interrelated. Anyways, symptoms of my anxiety include high blood pressure and heart rate. When I was 18, I had to get a medical wavier when I joined the Army because my pulse was over 90 all three times they took it.

Originally, I only thought Beta Blockers were just really for blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. I previously took the generic equivalent of Coreg (Carvedilol). I stopped taking it a few days ago to see if my vitals would stay normal, and already I've started experiencing anxiety symptoms again, tightness in chest, headache, nervousness just when having conversations with people, and I've started getting the jitters all that started after I stopped taking my carvedilol.

I'm thinking I need to continue taking my beta blocker as it seems is has been helping me not only with my hypertension and higher than average heart beat for being athletic, but its been helping with my anxiety as well.

Can anyone provide any additional insight on this similar to my issues or success stories on controlling anxiety disorders with beta-adrenergic blocking medications? I've heard good things about a newer beta blocker called Bystolic too.