Now this might sound like the most obvious of questions.

Another questions is the medication my son is taking to help with his bronchitis and to help with his sore throat and such.
It is called Hycodan. I read this is in the same family of Hydrocodone.

My question has nothing to do with what my son is taking. What surprised me is the doctor prescribed him these wee white pills-which are supposed to work like a syrup. I can't see how the two would do the same job, because syrup has a soothing feeling due to the consistency of it. The dose is 5mg.
I've never heard or seen pills being used in place of and for the same effect and syrup would. I find this unusual. AS long as it will work is all that matters in the long run.

I'm having back problems today. I don't know why or what I did to create this back pain. I've just taken some Tylenol extra strength and I getting into bed with a heating pad.

On yet another note, I've noticed a few times this week I have had more cravings than I have had in quite some time. This started way before my son was prescribed his meds, so I am pretty sure the two have nothing to do with one another.

Can anyone recommend a cream of other solution to help with my back. It doesn't often get this bad, but when it does, I can barely move.


I realize I rambled on from one topic to another. They all were on my mind all day.