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Approximately how much time does it take the medication citalopram to take any effect?

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pupidawg 3 Mar 2014

Three weeks. Most antidepressants take about three weeks. Some can be apparent more quickly. It is hard to say in that, perhaps, the earlier feelings of well being can be placebo effect: one just starts to feel better because they know that they are taking measures - in the form of a pill - to improve their daily lives.

Each antidepressant has different half-lives, more-or-less. However, the steady state that is needed in your blood is routinely reached after three-weeks of taking the prescribed dose, daily.

kaismama 3 Mar 2014

Sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks to reach peak effect. Hang in their you'll feel better soon.

Delila 9 Mar 2014

In standard practice it takes 4 weeks to benefit from the full therapeutic effects of Citalopram. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is the most common time frame free discount card

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