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Lamictal - Approximately how long does it take for a new user to realize it it's working or not?

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Vencii 4 May 2011

It depends. What drug is it?

Inactive 4 May 2011

I take lamictal (lamotrigine) it may take a few weeks, it took me 2 weeks for this mood stabilizer to start showing benefits for some people it has taken up to 4 weeks, now we must bare in mind that not all organisms react in the same way to medications and their benefits, potential side effects, etc...
So having said that it may take more or less for you than it did for me or other people, but I must say that lamictal it has been a good medication for me and I recommend it.
Perhaps for other people it has not been as good as it has been for me, or it may have even been a nightmare, as I mentioned we all react differently to medications. I hope it works for you as it has done for me.

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