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When applying Restasis are you to pinch your nose so the drops do not go into your tear ducts?

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kaismama 30 Jan 2014

How does pinching your nose stop drops from going into tear ducts? What you should do when putting eye drops in is to tilt your head so they run away from the inner corner of your eye.

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

Something like that. You dont pinch your nose though. After putting the drop in your eye, place your clean (wash your hands before using the drops) finger and gently press the inner corner of your eye for a few minutes. This allows the eye to absorb the drug rather than it running down the lacrimal duct into your nose.

Dlgriffit 30 Jan 2014

The "pinch your nose" is from directions for other eye drops I take. Restasis did not mention. That was why I wondered. Thanks.

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

Some eye drops it matters more than others because some dont absorb as quick as others so they have you block the lacrimal duct (part of the tear duct that drains into the nose) so that the drops dont drain into the nose before they are absorbed. It never hurts to do it with most any drop to assure absorption by the eye.

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

It also minimizes systemic absorption to some degree.

Deadwoodcarl 19 Feb 2017

I was prescribed Ketorolac Ophthalmic Solution for a scratch on my eyeball. I told the doctor I am also on Warfarin. She said to pinch my nose at the area of the tear ducts for 10 minutes to block absorption of the solution since there is an interaction with Warfarin. free discount card

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