... doctors. Diagnosed 2 years ago, with major symptoms for at minimum 2 years before that. Had loads of phlebotomy at first, slowed, but then very anemic (3%)... so January of 2012, new dr. started iron infusions, yippee, I felt noticably better for almost three weeks... but must have phlebotomies every two weeks... (infusions every two months). Wish there was a stable time that lasted. Now doctor is really pushing the Hydrea... there is so little review on the drug and what I find is not positive... worries me. I was exposed to vehicle/diesel exhaust for 10 years working for the County in a scalehouse at a transfer station (dump). Now my feet are turning blue, have a lot of other symptoms. New doc says not related to PV... REALLY??? Have a hard time believing that since was very healthy up to starting that job... take a 81 mg aspirin a day and Zyrtek for the itching... Concerta to help my brain work enough to function... any and all input would be welcomed!!! I also see one posting by a person and then nothing... are these people still around with PV? How long are we living? What personal drug review can you share... thanks so much all, Lori