the point of the ridiculous. I've fibro, but that is not all that is going on here, it can't be!!
My legs (and other body parts at times) sting, burn, cramp, and other assorted weird pains. My doc is a great guy, and has worked with me the entire time. Yet, I need to know, what type of specialist does one see for these odd types of pain? A Neurologist? This pain I describe is the worst it has ever been, and quite frankly, I CAN'T take it anymore!! I am allowed to use medical MJ if need be, but I HATE the stuff. I'm on oxycodone, three times a day and can take a fourth if needed, also Gabapentin, 300mgs four times a day and a new muscle relaxer, Zanaflex four times a day. IF ANYONE has any idea's, PLEASE, elucidate me!!
This is seriously making my quality of life different, and I don't mean better!
I exercise daily, I eat right (but I do forget to eat which may be causing some tummy issues with the Gabapentin) I am pretty healthy other than all of this garbage, and there is more, I just don't want to overload you all. SO, Who do I see? A neurologist, a rheumatologist, the vet, or Hannibal Lecter, Jack Kevorkian?
Thank you all for reading this rambling Q, (can't think straight with the pain increase of late)!!