... my life and so many horrible ways. I saw the tops specialists in the world (Mayo Clinic) and still was not able to find anything to help. I tried every home remedy I found on the internet, I was on all kinds of meds with horrible side effects that helped a little. Last year I went for a check up and told my specialist that I was planning on getting pregnant and she told me I had to go off all of my meds immediately, and wait over 3 months before trying. I was so excited to get pregnant, but I was having a hard time thinking about going back to full blown ulcers at all times. She said there was something I could take that was safe for almost anyone and she had heard people were having luck with. I agreed to try it and... my life has changed!!! I'm almost completely ulcer free! If I miss a night I'll get a little one, but as soon as I take my meds it clears up in a day. Such a simple med with such a life changing effect. Montelukast (Singulair) and I don't have asthma or allergies. I'm hoping this might help change some other peoples lives too!