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Does anyone's stomach burn with their BMS?

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junejoan 18 Aug 2013

Hi sara5956. I have not heard of anyone where their stomach burns in connection with BMS and I have not experienced this, thank goodness. I went to a meeting with about 30 other BMS sufferers and this was not mentioned in the BMS symptons. I hope you sort it out, maybe it is an acid reaction. BMS is a hot metallic burning, scolding within and around the mouth, lips, tongue. even back of the throat areas, especially the tip of the tongue which can be of a bright pink in colour. This does not help you but just some info for your interest. Regards June

sara5956 19 Aug 2013

Thanks June. I probably have acid reflux along with my diagnosis by my gastro of BMS. Just my luck. He gave me Carafate liquid to help but not sure. My mouth still burns.

junejoan 21 Aug 2013

Hi sara. I am still not sure how or if everyone reads alol the advice given to different comments or questions because some of the questions and replies dates back a long time. I have written a few times saying how the drug amitriptyline is the only thing that helps with my BMS at least it calms it down and helps me cope with this syndrome which no-one has an answer for.
The other is the Boots own make spray for a dry mouth also helps - I always have a bottle around and keep one in the fridge. I hope this may help and I hope you find it to read. No one has an answer to BMS only helpful ideas, which does help. I would like to try something else but to come off of amitriptyline would take a couple of weeks and by then I dont know if I could cope with going back to square one with the soreness and pain, even now the tip of my tongue is like chilli pepper.
Good luck. June free discount card

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