My thyroid levels have been as high as 156.3 and as low as -.037. Last endocrinologist had me taking 300 mcgs a day, and twice a week I took 600mcgs. Thyroid levels still are not in order. Saw a new endocrinologist today who wants me to come into her office once a week and take my entire week's dosage (2700mcgs at once and wait for 30mins to make sure I don't have a reaction to the meds) to control my thyroid levels. When I've taken 600mcgs I get anxious, tremors, fluttering heart beat, chest pains, insomnia, sweating profusely, and muscle weakness. When I said this to new dr she told me I couldn't be sure it wasn't just menopause because I'm 50yrs old. This doesn't sound safe to me. Anyone else taken this much thyroid med?