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Can anyone else tell my about zyprexa? I am on 5mg a day for anxiety?

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GreenMommy 15 Apr 2012

Im on Zyprexa, what is it you want to know, what do you already know. It would be easier to answer your question if I have a little more information

support66 16 Apr 2012

hi greenmommy, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I have been on 2.5mg am and 2.5mg evening for about 8days now and find that i am still waking up with severe anxiety. I also attend counselling once a week.
Am i expecting to much to soon? Any information is a help.


GreenMommy 18 Apr 2012

That's good you are actively trying to help yourself. I believe you are sting it too soon. Time takes time takes time. I hated waiting too but im glad it did. I was at the end of my perverbial rope when I started this med. Im surprised though that you're on such a low dose, I went from 10mg once at night, to combat drowsiness, to 20mgwithin a week and its been right around a months and my anxiety is so much better. And you should always ask your doctor because he understands when you tell himme that you still area having severe anxiety he will probably a up it to the level you need. Stick with it ;) free discount card

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