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Has anyone tried zowhydro if so how does the 20mg compare to Norco 10mg?

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kaismama 12 Aug 2014

The fact that zohydro is long acting will probably make it more effective for chronic pain than norco ever could be. I would consider it safe too because there is no tylenol to ruin my liver. It would be dosed based on how much norco you were using in a day. A comparison in dosage is difficult, because the 20 mg would be what you got over 24 hrs.

WOLFMAN80 10 Dec 2014

Zohydro is the new hydrocodone time released medication without tylenol mixed with it. Norco is generally 5, 7.5, 10 mg with 325 tylenol mixed within it. The zohydro is a time released medication for 12 hours and Norco is immediate that last for 4-6 hours. So in hind sight it's like taking 1 Norco 10, then six hours later taking another Norco 10 to equal a Zohydro 20 mg. Most of us don't get 6 hours out of Norco and only get pain relief at 4 hours if we are lucky. It's better on the liver without the tylenol, but again it's equivalent to two 10 mg of Norco only it is pure hydrocodone that is time released. Just like Oxycontin is time released and percocet is for immediate release and mixed with tylenol, just a different narcotic. free discount card

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