Hi: I started on Yaz generics 3 months ago and started having weird symptoms like most I have seen in this blog. I stopped 5 days ago because it hit me that maybe it was side effects to Yaz, which are never mentioned anywhere, nor was I told by my doctor. While on Yaz, I would shiver, get really cold chills, heart palpitations, anxiety to the max where having a common cold, I thought I had cancer and was going to die. I have also had major stomach issues. I thought the first time was a stomach bug but its just stomach uneasiness. I don't really have an appetite or want to eat. I am also not sure from the added anxiety but have been running to the bathroom more. I feel I am going crazy. I stopped taking it 5 nights ago and still feel the effects. I was self diagnosing myself that I had some horrible stomach ailment like Crohns. It's like I have mini panic attacks all day long. Does anyone else feel this way? The anxiety is making me depressed!