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Has anyone had wrist and ankle swelling/pain from Effexor?

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chuck1957 26 Mar 2017

Lynn 75, Not sure how long you have been on the Effexor or which one your taking but the side effects do say muscle cramps, spasms, or pain, Ankle, and wrist swelling and Joint pain. BUT IT ALSO SAYS THAT THESE SIDE EFFECTS GO AWAY FOR MOST WITH CONTINUED USE. bUT IT WOULD BE A GOOD idea to check with your doctor on Monday and see what they say. hope this helps some. And also remember you never just stop this medication or any ones like it. Without talking to the doctor and have it tapered down slowly to come off of it if you do need to. Have a good day and hope this well help you. Chuck1957

Lynn 75 30 Mar 2017

I took Effexor for 2 1/2 months. Low dose. It helped depression but the side effects got slowly worse. I did slowly taper off a few weeks ago but am still experiencing pain in left wrist and ankle. Hope this goes away if indeed the source of the problem was Effexor. Not sure what else it could be.

chuck1957 30 Mar 2017

Lynn 75, I AM SURE IF IT IS THE EFFEXOR IT WELL GET BETTER. BUT LIKE YOU SAID TOO COULD BE FROM ANYTHING ALSO. YOU MIGHT PUT A TAP HOT WASH CLOTH ON IT SEVERAL TIMES A DAY AND SEE IF THAT DOES IT. Or may speed up the healing anyway. Just give it some time. hope you are getting better yet. Chuck1957

migrainesuf1166 20 Apr 2017

I just recently started this medication a few weeks ago and started having ankle pain myself and thought that was an odd side effect until I looked more into it. I had been on the 75mg with no side effects and had to increase and went to 150mg and bam! Insomnia, muscle pain, headaches, swelling/bloating ... it works for the depression but, I swear you can't win with these meds. free discount card

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