In February 2011 my doctor put me on Celexa for mild depression I was having from my parents splitting up. That worked for about a year but I gained a lot of weight on it so he then switched me to Wellbutrin in February 2012. I did good on that until after I accidentally ran over my chihuahua in June. I went downhill after that because she was my everything. Around January of this year I started thinking negative about everything, crying, not eating, missing work, you name it and so my doctor switch me to Fluoxetine 10mg to see how I'd do on that. I went for a checkup after three weeks and told him I felt better but not quite normal yet so he changed me to 20mg. After a few days of being on the 20mg I started feeling worse than I did before I started medication. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice for me?