I am being forced to change pharmacies right away due to insurance coverage. I have not been happy with any gel filled patches, not for the pain control or their ability to stay on. The pharmacy I wanted to change to carries Watson brand and when I asked they told me they are not gel filled, yet any photos I have been able to find online for that brand are. I am on 75mcgs. Maybe Watson has both? I prefer Mylan. They stay on and they offer constant pain control. In the past I have learned that many Pharmacists don't even know what the patches look like in the boxes, therefore don't realize that the brand can mean a huge difference to those of us having to use them. Please, anyone who knows or is currently using Watson could you let me know ASAP what they are like exactly. Gel or flat patch, how big, does the adhesive work, etc. Also, if there is any possible way to post a photo of what the patch looks like out of the foil packet that would help so much. I am completely new here and don't even know if the ability to support photos is available in posts or on this site... but if not maybe post to photo site with link here. Anything, I am desperate and need to make my decision very soon. For anyone familiar with other non gel brands... are there any that are similar to Mylan if indeed Watson are not? Thank you so much!!