Im at a time in my life where I have needed to bite the bullet and take anti-depressants due to a series of unfortunate events. I believe I have had mild anxiety for, well, probably 25 odd years (I am 48 female). A year ago I bit the bullet to give myself "a break". I take very low doses as I am very sensitive to these medications. First lexapro. After 4 months, I realised they were just causing me to be very angry (about a difficult situation albeit) and weight gain. Then I tried pristiq. 50mg every other day. no issues going on or off, but just vague and still stressed (life was very stressful in any case). I went off them and (only after this) did I end up with debilitating anxiety and depression (leaving me unable to work for nearly 6 months, until the stress finally overtook me. Yep. Kept fighting through, but finally trying to fight too hard to get better and push through, my body and mind pushed back. Probably the best thing that happened. It forced me to stop!). During this time, I was still in a rather challenging personal situation. I relented and went back on Pristiq - only 1/2 a tablet a day. Complicated to chop in half. I put on weight and was ok, but kind of melancholy and tears would still come. Then, after much resistance, I talked to a friend who said she had been on Zoloft for years. After research (and wanting to fit into my clothes again) I got off Pristiq (thank goodness) and had a hell 5 days. Side effects straight away, however I knew they were side effects and went with them.. I started taking ZOLOFT 10 days ago. INSTANT RESULTS!! I MEAN INSTANT!! I have been happy, laughing, energy ok, eating ok, handling VERY stressful situations well. HOWEVER! I cant shut up!! I am a chatty person in any case, however, I do feel that I am WAY too chatty (I am only taking 25mg, which is fine). I wonder if I appear to be manic (its probably just me thinking that), however, positive and happy it is, I would be happy to be a bit more calm (although I dont really feel anxious at all - maybe 1 or 2 hours where the drugs may be in full swing I am a little more sensitive)... Does anyone else find this? I am shocked how well they work and I would say my experience is 75% positive. But am wondering if this is a side effect that will wear off. I would (for the first time be willing to) increase to 50mg but would not like to get even more chatty or agitated. I know we are all different, but if anyone has had similar experiences, I would love some feedback. Thanks for your input!! First time on forum. I have a healthy diet, exercise, am fairly active (not sedentary at all), enjoy a drink but not many and not every every day, practice meditation and a lot of self love and care on this journey. These experiences give you the opportunity to face yourself (and heal yourself - it takes a lot of effort to be kind to yourself, I have learnt!!) I am still not working, which is necessary to "heal" but comes with its own challenges. I believe I will be back to it soon enough!
This year, I have been "diagnosed" with everything from depression, to anxiety disorder to border personality disorder, to PTSD, to (the latest) bipolar... hmmm.. I do not think its humanly possible to have all of that? I and I KNOW that stress and fear and situational experiences have played a major part in all of this... however, I do sometimes wonder, after my first year and a half on anti-depressants, what role they play in creating just a little bit of havoc as well Anyway, Zoloft has been good and if you think I can iron out the kinks I would love your feedback. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate your advice!