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Anyone used Gemcitabine for ovarian cancer?

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Keithrandall 20 Jun 2011

I have used Gemcitabine for my pancreatic cancer I have stage 3. I can tell you it is one of the easier chemo drugs out their and has been around for awhile. Used most commonly with breast cancer. I just finished my six months chemo, I was three on one off, meaning three weeks n a row then one week off. I never lost my hair it just thinned out. But any chemo is going to be hard on you. It caused me Periphrieal Neropathy (Excuse spelling) a severe form of nerve damage in both my feet. Put me in a wheel chair for several weeks I could not stand or walk and the pain was hell. With any chemo your going to get very sick and super weak. Everyone is so different, and reacts different to chemo. All I know is do everything you can to maintain your weight, you have to eat and drink allot because odds are you are going to dehydrate big time and be sick and throw up etc, your not going to want to eat. I weigh 320 when I first got sick back in Sept 2010, i now weigh 170.

I remember my first day at chemo, the chemo nurses were telling me not to listen to all the horror stories. Now I look back and say YES listen to all of them because they are true. I mean seriously, are cancer patients really going to lie about their treatments, NO! their not... Chemo was hell for me and it is for most people, the side effects are unreal and crazy!!

Warm Regards,
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