my husband had an op on his back and after a few days he was discharged,
on leaving the hospital the doctor was aware of pain my husband was feeling in his arm and he has a sever dose of diarrhea. we went home and within 7 hours of him being discharged his tep shot up to 105.
next day he couldn't move both arms and i asked what was wrong with my husband and i was told he had sepsis. when the infections doc seen my husband he said my husband was very close to death.
he was dosed up with fluids and antibiotics and after about 10 days he was released from hospital. but he still had to see the infections specialist and was told his heart/lungs were affected as he got chronic pneumonia.

the thing is, since the infection he is wrecked all the time. he went to the gp about this and got the shock of his life when he was told that his heart is beating slower than normal, he may have diabetes, he has a bleed in his tummy and he has anemia.
prior to the op he was fully checked and nothing like this came back.

is anyone else got symptoms like this. i am so worried about my husband as he was a fit healthy man before the op