I gained 120 lbs weight on Nardil (MAOI ) and all SSRI's over a 15 year period. On Emsam 6 months then Parnate and lost 120 lbs in 18 months and felt wonderful for the first time ever the whole time. Taken off Parnate after 18 months -- began having agitation and hostility after going through numerous personal losses and traumas. Then Cymbalta did nothing but worsen anxiety. Now being started on Nortriptyline and I'm worried about continued weight gain that started when on Cymbalta. I know it's a more prevalent problem with Elavil, but wt gain is listed as a side effect with Nortriptyline too. I'm terrified to gain back the weight again because that has such a bad effect on my self esteem which only worsens my depression. I've given away all my fat clothes and have no money to start buying clothes again.