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Does anyone have trouble getting to sleep/staying asleep when they first start trazodone?

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Inactive 22 Aug 2012

Hello Jill M. Yes, its normal. Trazodone is first and foremost an antidepressant. Its perscribed off label as a sleeping aid. It will likely take you several days time or possibly longer (not unusual) before you feel it helping you to getting a solid nights sleep. Regards, pledge

Jill_M 22 Aug 2012

Thanks, Pledge. I have a job where I really need to be "on my game," so feeling weird is even worse. I was wondering if maybe 50 mg is too much and try going w/25. My doc is out for the day and I can't remember what he told me YESTERDAY. *sigh.*

Inactive 22 Aug 2012

Hello again Jill M. 25 or 50mg is the norm for sleeping. I'd begin at the 25mg. If you find no results then move it up to 50mg. In cases for depression, it begins at 150mg and can go as high as 600mg.

Jill_M 23 Aug 2012

Went w/25 mg last night -- much better! Whew. Slept and only feel a little off today. For now, I think 25 is good.

balbanese 22 Aug 2012

I did, it took 10 days for that to cease. Hang in there, hope this helps.

blott3 23 Aug 2012

I take Trazodone for sleep and it works great! I was first given 50mgs 1x day before bedtime. Nothing. My dr. uped thr doseage to (eventually) 150 mgs x1/day before bedtime and now I'm out within a hour. I say thiis because I turn my radio on sleep mode and I have yet heard it turn off by itself.. BTY: I'm 6'4", 265lbs so that may explain the large dose.,

Jill_M 23 Aug 2012

thanks for your input. I took 25 last night and that worked a whole lot better for me than the 50. I have hope... free discount card

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