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Anyone have trouble changing generics for plaquenil? Sandoz worked but not Prasco?

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chuck1957 8 Jan 2016

Vtl167; They both have the same active medication if your having any problems it would be from the binders which is the stuff the medication is mixed with that is the only difference. A lot of people when they might have this problem with continued use the side effects you could be having go away.If you are still having problems try and tell the Pharmacist what is going on and see if they can make sure they keep in stock the brand that does not give you problems but it is still working you have the same amount of active medications. Good luck.

Vtl167 8 Jan 2016

Finally am able to get Sandoz Hydroxychloriquine so will find out if it was the Plasco generic or if Hydroxychloriquine isn't working for me anymore. Thanks for your input.. Sometimes wonder if quality control is doing its job.

chuck1957 9 Jan 2016

No dought about quality control it is very strict from the FDA NOW DAYS read on generics on the FDA site and you well see where even the brand names in some medications are being made by the generic companies and the way they test the active ingredients in the medications at different times in patients and it has to be within 3.5 to 4 % same as brand at any time very interesting. Just wish they would have to release the binders and how much and you would then never know what the difference is glad you found it my friend have a good weekend free discount card

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