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Has anyone been treated for Hidradenitis Suppurativa ?

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Emeraldgirl 29 Apr 2014

Hello nanashuck10 and a warm welcome to DC - I have not got HS but I have come across it a few times when I was an RN. Hopefully someone with the condition will respond to your question. HS ranges from mild to severe. It is not necessarily progressive. I am sorry to hear that you have this painful condition for which sadly there is no cure and can occur in families. It also requires constant management by a Dermatologist. Some of the lumps (abscess) either goes away on their own or ruptures and ooze pus. This lump may return time and time again and may become infected with bacteria, causing a secondary infection that will require antibiotics to treat it. New lumps appear in an area nearby if these are not controlled with medication; large lumps may form and spread developing sinus tracts which are narrow channels under the skin that open up at the skin surface and leak pus. HS can be difficult to manage. The aim is to catch the disease in its early stages and prevent it getting worse. Therefore an early diagnosis is important. Treatment ranges from (In the early stages). Antibiotics for weeks or a few months depending on the severity of the disease; also anti-acne antibiotic creams may be used. You may be prescribed a steroid such as Prednisolone to reduce skin inflammation. Other treatments used are aimed at controlling some of the spots and lumps. Reducing secretions from the sweat glands to help control the lumps. Suppressing the immune system with medications in order to relieve systems can also be used. If medications does not control your symptoms and in severe cases surgery will be needed. One of which surgically removes the lump or freezing it off with liquid nitrogen. With all medications there are side effects and depending on the type of medication you require some of the potential side effects can be potent, thus your Dermatologist should explain your treatment plan well to you and its potential implications – Wishing you well and all the best.

nanashuck10 29 Apr 2014

It has taken a long time to get this diagnosis as I was so ashamed of has been painful... I am a 59 year old woman and have been on different antibiotics so far no family doctor referred me to a surgeon who debreed my right armpit not quite 8 weeks ago... so far I am fighting to get treatment as i have medicare and medicaid ... I have an appt with dermatologist in may ...

Emeraldgirl 29 Apr 2014

Hello again. Sorry to learn that you have been affected by this for some time now. This condition is not infectious and it is not caused by an infection nor poor hygiene, so please do not feel ashamed. It is thought that it may be an immune system problem. Thankfully May is just around the corner now and a Dermatologist should be able to advice on the best treatment for you. There is a wide range of treatments one can try and a Dermatologist is the right health care professional to advice and treat you.

nanashuck10 1 May 2014

I have had surgery on one armpit... it is in process of healing right now..antibiotics given me in past have not worked and i have developed allergy to some... I believe that dermatologist may have some answers...

Emeraldgirl 1 May 2014

You are correct the dermatologist as a number of treatments that they can deploy. We are in May now. so hang on in there. You have come this far, not too long now

amchthompson 1 Oct 2014

I also have Medicare and Medicaid. I am getting better treatment than I did when I was paying $400 a month for private insurance. It's important to find doctors that are willing to go the extra mile for you. I'm currently getting remicade infusions that cost upwards of $50,000 a month and it's helping me a lot. Don't bother with antibiotics unless your doctor has cultured your wounds and they have tested positive for staph. Too many doctors are uneducated when it comes to HS and they think antis and surgery are a cure. Another piece of advice is to never take Accutane for HS. I have many friends who have and ended up with brain pseudo tumors, cranial pressure that requires a shunt in your spine, and dental issues that require dentures at the age of 35. Good luck hun. I hope you get the help you need. Don't hesitate to look for new doctors if your doctors don't know how to treat HS.

Racyac 5 Oct 2017

I have been diagnosed in the last year but I've had for about 10 years but didn't know what it was. My doctor prescribed me Doxycycline that I take once a day. I have seen a large improvement with this. If I even miss one dose the boils swell back up and become painful. My doctor has also recommended hibiclens that is a really strong antibacterial liquid cleaner. I had already had some when my doctor recommended it because I was required to wash with it before a surgery. I also make sure I wear soft breathable underwear/clothes so not to aggravate the area. free discount card

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