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Does anyone know how to treat extreme PTSD. The klonipin hasn't worked for me?

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jk13 2 May 2013

I'm always a bit baffled by any question that asks why their condition hasn't gotten much better despite the utilization of a med. Truth is that klonopin is good for anxiety and sleep, but doesn't do a thing for the trips down memory lane. If it's bad, in order to get better, you really first have to stop falling. I had to take what at the time felt a rainbow of pills. When it got bad the meds helped me not split off into something that I had no control of.

endlessPred 2 May 2013

Hello Melody. There are very effective methods of curing PTSD. Huge progress has been made in psychotherapy. I have been cured from frightening events. They simply are gone. Not buried. Just not visited.

The medication helps during that time. The retraining of the mind is the cure. I suggest you see a psychologist trained in this solution and get going. The pain of this is as acute as any injury. That it can be removed seems like a miracle. Actually it is far easier than you think. The therapist helps you retrain your mind so you stop visiting that pool of pain. The reviewing, rehearsing, reliving, resolving can and does end. It takes work. No pill will ever cure you. Only you can.

Using meds to sleep soundly can help. But if you don't get REM sleep it actually makes you more ill. Go check out the Dr. Phil website on PTSD. View some shows and go through his descriptions to see how this can be done.

jk13 2 May 2013

I have to comment on this as this is so true. The road to recovery can be deceptively difficult as the will to want this is required. Once the will is obtained the road to recovery is easy. Strange how such a horrid illness can become so easily an attachment of a persons identity. It almost acts like a demon, this thing that feeds off of your energy. For me things got better quickly after understanding what was and was not the true me. Once again best of luck!

ElizaJane23 4 May 2013

I agree. Intense therapy with a trauma therapist is what helped me. Some very very hard work - but the freedom from PTSD is SO worth it. I very seldom have a flashback or even a thought from my past. Look for a therapist with experience in trauma therapy - this isn't the right place for a student. Dig your heels in, accept the challenge, and hold on for the ride. The reward: a life well lived. SO worth the work!! EJ23

angel1662 10 May 2013

Hello Melody Mailman,
I have been suffering with many mental health issues for yrs and one being extreme ptsd, in my opinion the best thing for that is not drugs, it's one on one counseling to get it out in the open and deal with the issue itself for the drug is only going to cover the pain no deal with the issue... GOD BLESS...

pickles503 11 May 2013

Hi Melody.
I've had PTSD for six years and truthfully, nothing works for me. I do take meds for it, but no med is going to remove the racing thoughts, sounds, smell, etc. '
Yes, Klonopin is a fantastic med. I still take 4 a day. However, if it's not working for you, then you might want to ask your doc if you need an additional med or increase the dosage. I take Lamictal, also, and Flexeril`as needed. I still take Gabapentin(which I'm slowly getting off of.) Most of us take more than one med. It's not unusual.. My suggestion would be to have a visit with your doc. Their the pro's. Figure out what works, and don't allow negative people in your life. You need positivity. People who understand the illness and accept you as you are. My kids(their 42 and 38) are just starting to know the difference between who I am, and what the disease is. free discount card

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