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Does anyone else take trazedone for sleep and feel really tired the next day?

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alabastardragon 8 Apr 2013

Yes, if you take a large enough dose. How much do you take?

Roxy7000 8 Apr 2013

150-200 mg is what I take ?

ang1049 8 Apr 2013

Yes,that is why u are still tired the next day.If I take over 50mg,I get a headache.I would definately feel tired if I took the amount you take.I add Melatonin to my Trazadone.Hope this helped.

Anonymous 8 Apr 2013

Hello Roxy7000. Fatique is a common side effect to taking trazodone. Regards pledge

smileyhappy 8 Apr 2013

Hi Roxy,

Your amount of Trazodone is higher then me. I take 25-50mgs. You must find it really hard to wake up and stay awake. Did your doctor start you at a lower dose and had to elevate it? Tell your doctor what is happening, he would probably tell you to go down a little to see if you could sleep o.k.

Roxy7000 8 Apr 2013

Thank you, will talk to my doctor. I was taking large quantities of zoplicone and restoril but my tolerance was building up. My doctor told me to mix in trazedone so maybe I should try a lower dose and take my zoplicone at a lower dose and take them both ?

smileyhappy 9 Apr 2013

I would still call your doctor or even maybe the pharmacist because they know their meds for sure!


WildnFree 11 Apr 2013

I have been taking this med for two weeks now. It may not leave me tired the following day-I have a severe case of insomnia-but it has DEFINATELY affected my memory, concentration, and even my ability to spell properly! I am always forgeting things daily, and constantly misspell words; since I am a writer and have always had an excellent grasp of grammer and spelling, its a nightmare! It took me almost ten minutes to type this response!! I'm 57 yrs young; if there's anyone out there experiensing these side effects, PLEASE SEND ME A RESPONSE! And forgive any spelling errors I may have made!

smileyhappy 12 Apr 2013

Give the pharmacist a call to find out if it is trazodone. For me I don't have any side effects.

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