I have had 4 surgeries for scoliosis/kyphosis. There are 2 18" titanium rods and about 50 screws, beginning just under my hairline and all the way down to my tailbone. The first surgery was almost 5 years ago. I have been on numerous pain meds. and muscle relaxers. Sad to say, I don't get any significant relief from anything I took in the past, or am currenrly taking. One med I am taking is Tizanidine 4mg bid. I have also developed peripheral neuropathy. A friend of mine who also suffers from neuropathy, takes a high does of Tizanidine, usually 20mg during the day, and 32mg at bedtime. She feels like she has discovered a miracle! As earlier stated, I don't feel any improvement for my back pain, nor do I have any less pain in my feet. She also had a cervical-spinal abcess and underwent back surgery for that. She gets no pain relief for the back pain, but is pain-free in her feet now... altho her dose of the Tizanidine is clearly WAY higher than mine! Well, I guess it's too late to make a long story short! So, back to the orignial question... has anyone taken Tizanidine for neuropathy with successful results? One more thing; I read how many of you have gotten good results with your back pain, and I'm really happy for you!!! Be well!!