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Does anyone have any tips for giving someone who's in a weakened state baths in bed?

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Inactive 29 Sep 2012

Hello timot,

Please click on the link for important information:

All the best,


Lisa01 29 Sep 2012

Dear Maso,
I just have to tell you that the information you come up with for people is amazing. And the time and effort you put into your answers is to be greatly admired. You've always been right on the mark when you've answered me as I imagine you are for a lot of people. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for being such a good friend, not only to me, but to us all. Be well my friend! :)

Inactive 29 Sep 2012

Dear Lisa,

Many , many thanks for taking a minute and write such moving words... you have touched my heart and for that I thank you ever so much, and you have also drawn a smile on my face, once again thank you.

I wish only the best for you,


timot 29 Sep 2012

All I find there is the title "How to give a bed bath" and the subtitle "What is it?" I'm inept with the computer, so I'm not sure if that's all there is or I simply don't know where to click next.

Inactive 29 Sep 2012

Hi timot,

Things You Will Need

Wash Cloths
Basin of Warm Water
a Sheet
Disposable Gloves
Mild Soap

Step 1
Whether you are officially a registered nurse, or are a family member who will be caring for a loved one at home, a general rule behind providing effective nursing care is ensuring that you have all your supplies and materials before you begin engaging in a procedure or activity. While you are conducting a complete bed bath, you should first gather up all the supplies you will need. From enema administration to application of a bed bath, having all your materials readily available prior to beginning will keep you from having to abruptly leave the room and subsequently inconveniencing your patient.

kaismama 29 Sep 2012

You covered it all. It becomes second nature after you do it a few times.

angel1662 29 Sep 2012

hi again maso,
i have to agree with lisa, u are one amazing person, all the work u put into answering and supporting people is incredible, i have only been on since aug. and plan on staying on for all the love, caring and support i have to give to whoever i have knowledge to give it to!
your the best

Inactive 29 Sep 2012

Hello Angel... we are all the best!

I am very happy you will be here for a long time... fantastic... proud of you buddy.

Thank you for your kind words, thank you Angel.

All the best to the best,


timot 30 Sep 2012

Maso --
My mother is very ill, and I'm taking care of her at home. She's a retired nurse, and I usually simply follow her instructions. Sometimes, though, I don't understand, and we both end up frustrated and angry. I've been helping her bathe in the bathroom using a bathtub stool, but I may eventually have to give her some or all her baths in bed. I'll study your detailed instructions first. Thank you very much.

Inactive 30 Sep 2012

Hello timot,

I am sorry your mother is so ill, as I mentioned before I hope the information provided is helpful.
You are a very good person, not many people would do what you are and will be doing, it is admirable and you are a true motivation to me, I also take care of my folks, but not to such a degree yet, so thank you.

Have a great day,


DzooBaby 1 Oct 2012

Very good and thorough instructions especially the part about observing the skin. People who are bed bound and chair bound can often get pressure sores or "bedsores" and those should be treated right away. Redness that doesnt go away indicates there is pressure beginning and relieving that pressure can prevent the area from opening. Good job Maso-really great resource!!

Inactive 1 Oct 2012

Many thanks DzooBaby. free discount card

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