I am begging here. I really really need help. I'm extremely nauseous, have terrible vertigo, and feel like I'm at deaths door. I cut from 150mg to 75 and now I'm off entirely and on 150mg of Wellbutrin increasing to 300 in a week. It's only been 1 day entirely off Effexor and everytime I move my eyes I feel like I'm going to fall over with how dizzy I am. I feel nauseous but when I go to the toilet I can't puke it up. My hearing is going in and out and I have terrible headaches. Everytime I move any part of my body I feel like this weird sense of a rush in the limb that's being moved like a rush of adrenalin almost. I absolutely hate this. My heart races and I am having hot flashes and bad bathroom issues. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I'd greatly appreciate any help. Please.