My apoligies for the lenght of this question , I have search everywhere and it seems I am the only person. I was on .25md of risperidone for a little over a month and klonopin has been my life saver and I take between .50 mg to 1 mg depending on my level of aniexity However the weight gain from risperidone has made me miserable. I work out everyday and changed my diet while on the risperidone. My family has lost weight without even exercising so that confirmed it was the med
After goings to my dr yesterday he said to taper off the risperidone (cut it in half) for two weeks while adding lamitical .25mg night then up the lamitical in two weeks stopping the risperdone
I am so concerned about the change as I can't stand to change meds and also concerned about going to happen ? Anxiety is kicking in
I would like to know what to expect? Also very concerned about this rash which is my fault cause I read to much about it already. After my first dose of the lamitical I feel itchy with no rash which could certainly just be in my head cause my anxiety kicking in. I have extreme aniexity and panic disorder. I am still taking the klonopin
Any help would be appreciated from someone who has taken any of these medicines